Facebook navigates voice-based browsing with latest buy

Facebook has agreed to purchase 12-year-old Mobile Technologies, maker of cross-lingual communication tools like Jibbigo, a mobile application for speech-to-speech translation. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Facebook, with its mission to make the world more open and connected, provides the perfect platform to apply our technology at a truly global scale,” Mobile Technologies said in an announcement on the company’s Web site.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the purchase to CNET. Product Management Director Tom Stocky wrote publicly, in a Facebook update, that the social network is interested in exploring voice-based navigation, meaning that the company’s intentions may be centered on letting people dictate commands to browse around and update the social network.

“Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web, and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution,” Stocky said.

Facebook will continue to support Mobile Technologies’ Jibbigo application for the time being, according to the spokesperson, who would not provide additional comment as to whether Facebook would integrate the service’s sophisticated translation technology into its own mobile applications. The Jibbigo application uses speech recognition and machine learning technologies to let users speak or type phrases and get back translations in the language of their choosing. The application’s offline translators are said to work anywhere, regardless of whether the user has access to the Internet.

The Mobile Technologies staff will move to Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., campus once the pending deal closes. The social network would not disclose the number of Mobile Technologies team members joining its company.

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Back up your iPhone and iPad

If you use your iPhone or iPad a lot, it likely has a host of vital information stored on it—information that you probably don’t want to lose. That’s why backing up your iPhone and iPad is so important. We’re going to go through two quick ways you can make a backup on your device and through your computer.

To make a wireless backup directly from your device, you’ll need an iCloud account. Once you’re logged in to iCloud, make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network—you can’t make a backup over 3G. After you’ve done so, just tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, turn on the iCloud Backup toggle, and press Back Up Now.

This creates a manual backup of your device at any time. In addition, when iCloud Backup is turned on, your device automatically backs up any time it is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.

If you’d like to have an local backup on your computer, you can also back up your device through iTunes. Just plug your phone into your computer (or use the Wi-Fi Sync option) and open iTunes.

Once iTunes is open, click the Devices menu, select your iPhone, and scroll down in the summary section to Backups. There, under Manually Back Up and Restore, click Back Up Now.

This is also where you can change your backups so that you solely back up through iTunes, but if you have an iCloud account, we recommend you have backups in both places.

I’m associate editor Serenity Caldwell, and thanks for watching.

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Evernote is interested in more than your notes

FORTUNE — For Evernote, the digital note-taking app co-founded by 41-year-old CEO Phil Libin, the last five years have been pretty damned good.

Since Fortune profiled the startup in Fall 2011, Evernote has more than quadrupled its users to 66 million — 2 million of whom pay — moved from a one-floor Mountain View office to a Redwood City-based building with 320 employees, acquired at least five startups including the Mac drawing app Skitch, and released a slew of new features including Evernote for Business, currently used by over 5,000 companies. Evernote has raised $251 million in funding from T. Rowe Price, Sequoia Capital, Morgenthaler Ventures and others, as it invests heavily in expansion.

“If you’re vastly profitable, it kind of means you’ve run out of ideas,” Libin tells Fortune. Indeed, the St. Petersburg-born, Bronx-raised serial entrepreneur has long said he views Evernote as a “100-year company,” one that with the potential to endure that long because it’s in the business of the storing memories: it lets users type documents, take photos, save Web stories, record voice memos, among other things. The data are stored on the company’s servers and accessible on users’ desktop and mobile devices. So, an interview recorded via Evernote on an iPhone is almost immediately available to listen to with Evernote for the desktop.

Libin suggests there’s much more to Evernote than just note-taking. (Going public is not something the company plans to do for at least another two or three years.) Libin talks of a new “super-sexy encryption” feature — his words — tentatively due later this year. More interesting: he has an internal team designing hardware products that expands the Evernote experience.

One current product line that offers an idea of what Libin is talking about are the traditional Moleskine notebooks designed in partnership with the startup, with page materials that ensure capturing clean digital shots snapped by Evernote for the phone or tablet.

“We designed it at the same time we were designing the digital experience around it,” explains Libin. “So some of the new things are going to be electronic devices, and some are just going to be just [physical objects] that aren’t necessarily electronic, but are designed together as a complete experience. But they’re all about making you smarter, giving you elegant ways of being productive.”

Libin argues tech is returning to a point where design is thought of again holistically, pointing to Apple (AAPL) as the most obvious example, as well as products like the Nest thermostat and Fitbit. “The world right now is on the verge of a revolution of massive design thinking,” says Libin. Clearly if Libin has his way, Evernote will have a large role in that.

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Apple signs Sony/ATV to iRadio

At this point, Apple is all but certain to unveil iRadio — or whatever it calls its Internet radio service — at Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Early Friday, Apple reached a deal with Sony Music, the last of the three major labels it needed to sign up, according to people familiar with the deals. And now Apple has also signed up Sony/ATV/ That deal, first reported by Billboard, was confirmed to CNET by a Sony/ATV spokesperson.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Sony/ATV, the world’s largest publishing house, is jointly owned by Sony Corp. and the estate of Michael Jackson. Its chief, Martin Bandier, has been at odds with Apple throughout the past year of off-and-on negotiations, according to industry sources.

A group of investors, including Sony Corp., bought EMI’s music publishing business last year for $2.2 billion, and Bandier, a longtime music exec, made it a mission to get fatter royalty rates than what’s required by the performance rights organization, which includes ASCAP and BMI.

Bandier withdrew digital rights from ASCAP and BMI to do separate deals, and that became a roadblock to Apple launching a streaming radio service last year, according to industry sources. But a lot has changed since then. Pandora, the top Internet radio company, now has 70 million active users. Spotify, albeit a different service than Apple radio, is gaining traction. Google just launched a subscription music service and is readying another service tied to YouTube, according to sources. Put it all together and Apple has doubtless been feeling the pressure to release a competing product.

While Bandier might not have gotten the exact deal he wanted a year ago, he certainly did better than what Apple was offering last year. Sources say the deal that’s been on the table for publishers — the one signed by Warner/Chappell earlier this week and now presumably with Sony/ATV — has Apple paying publishers more than twice the ad share revenue they currently receive from Pandora. Specifically, the Warner/Chappell deal has Apple paying 10 percent of Apple radio’s advertising revenue, according to people familiar with the terms.

It’s likely that Universal Music’s publishing arm will be next, and, come Monday, Apple fans will at last see what all this iRadio talk is about.

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4 Easy Different ways to Create a Disk for Bypassing Windows 7 Password

When you forgot Windows 7 password, you can easily bypass it with a password reset disk. To get create such a disk, you can either take advantage of built-in Windows 7 features or use third-party software. Here it collects all the methods of creating Windows 7 password reset disk to bypass administrator password windows 7.
Method 1. Build a Windows 7 password reset disk
Sign in the Windows 7 user account that you would like to create a password reset for, go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts, and then Create a password reset disk in the left pane, then follow the instructions of the Password Reset wizard.
1. This password reset disk is able to be created in advance of you forgot the login password.
2. The password reset disk only works for local accounts (not domain accounts).
password reset wizard 01
Method 2. Make a Windows 7 system repair disc
When Windows 7 forgot password, it’s also possible to use system recovery choices to bypass it. To use the system options, you’ll have to create a system repair disc utilizing the Windows 7 built-in features to reach system recovery options.

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance ->Backup and Restore, and then click Create a system repair disc, and then follow the steps of the coming wizard. For more details, please see Create a system repair disc.
create a system repair disc

Method 3. Create a bootable password reset disk Windows 7 (Windows)
When you forgot to build the password reset disk utilizing the Windows 7 built-in feature before hand, you can easily create a boot password reset disk using Windows Password Unlocker to reset Windows 7 password.

Install Windows Password Unlcoker in any PC you can run as administrator, run it and insert a CD/DVD or USB drive, select the target drive and click on the attached Burn button and a boot password reset disk in created. For more information, please see Windows Password Recovery Guide.
windows password unlocker professional
Method 4. Build a bootable password reset disk Windows 7 (Mac)
Windows Password Unlocker is available in a Mac version which allows you to burn a boot able password reset disk on the Mac. Note: The Mac version also comes in the type of ISO image file with no installation required.
Insert your DVD or CD, head to Application -> Utilities -> Disk Utility, then drag and drop the ISO image file in the Disk Utility windows and make it selected, next click Burn button. For additional information, please see Windows Password Unlcoker for Mac Guide.

windows password unlocker for -mac-1


Didn’t remember Windows 8/7/Vista/XP Password? All you have to Understand!

Questions about Windows forgot password

Mastering some simple ways of avoid or reset a lost Windows password is critical today as possible simply run into one of the following problems someday:

* Q1. How to log in to windows XP on older laptop forgot all passwords?
* Q2. I forgot my password for windows 7 on my Acer aspire 5515?
* Q3. How do I recover my admin password without admin privileges?
* Q4. I forgot my admin password on Windows 7 and can’t remember it. How do I reset it?
* Q5. I forgot my password for my laptop. How can l reset the password. My laptop is windows 8?
* Q6. Can’t sign in to my dell laptop forgot password! HELP?
* Q7. Unfortunately I forgot my laptop password Windows 7, do not have CD or reset disk. Is there a way you tell me how to reset my password?

More effective Windows password reset solution

Any time you forgot Windows password, my only suggestion is to visit and download Windows Password Unlocker. As the most popular Windows password reset tool, Windows Password Unlocker permits you to remove any forgotten login password to Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 in 5 minutes. 4 simple steps as follows:

* Step 1. Install Windows Password Unlocker in any PC or Mac. (Both Windows and Mac version are available)
* Step 2. Burn a boot password reset disk for Windows with a CD/DVD or USB drive within seconds.
* Step 3. Start the locked PC from the burned disk and select the target user account to remove its password.
* Step 4. Restart computer if the password is taken off, and then join your Window account without password.

That’s it! You don’t have to worry! This Windows password remover comes in easy GUI interface. You can easily perform the password reset or remove task within a few simple clicks. 100% safe! No any damage or loss in your computer data and settings.
More Windows password reset methods

For details about resetting a forgotten Windows password, please visit:

* 1. Top 4 Handy Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password
* 2. Ways to Unlock Computer If I Forgot Windows Password?
* 3. Four Most Frequent Password Reset Solutions for Lenovo ThinkPad
* 4. The way to Bypass a Forgotten Windows 8 Password
* 5. What to do when you forget your Windows password

How to prevent a forgotten Windows password?

* 1. Make your Windows password hard to crack yet easy to remember.
* 2. Write down your password and keep it in a safe location.
* 3. Build a password hint, password reset disk or system repair disc in advance to assist you get rid of a lost Windows login password easily.


You’r the Real Excel Password Remover

It is more likely than you might think it is that one day you’ll face the task of restoring a lost or forgot Excel password. The types of passwords used in Microsoft Excel protection system are very manifold ranging from the simplest passwords to edit to hard cracked passwords to begin.

Once you lose or forget those you could be sure that you’ll need exactly the lost password in order to edit a written report or a VBA macro before long. Seemingly a trifling operation soon grows in to a real splitting headache killing your nerve cells.

Things can get even worse if it’s a corporate file you are dealing with. As is often the case with employees who, due to some persecution mania or a burning desire to prove how computer savvy they are, apply all kinds of protection to the files they work with. Then that James Bond leaves the company. Of course he can’t find time to tell anybody the passwords beforehand especially since he no longer remembers any. Or he may say so from sheer bitchiness. Doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the following.

There’s an Excel file blocked with an unknown password which would be to the boss is like a red rag to a bull. And the scapegoat is an innocent rookie who replaced the saboteur. In order to get an Excel password remover you’ll have to become one. There’s no such thing as a ready-made Excel password remover on the market. password searching solutions. Thus removing Excel passwords can only be done by users themselves.

There exists a wide range of password recovery tools for MS Excel. And all those solutions feature approximately the same number of functions instantaneously recovering easily cracked passwords and supporting several attack types aimed at restoring hard-to-crack passwords.

You can and should make a good choice while choosing your mate – software program that will recover passwords.
All such tools are quite similar to one another. But devil’s in the details. If comparative functional check of solutions as to searching easy-to-crack passwords sheds no light at which one is the best then comparing their handling of hard-to-crack passwords does make the task of choosing much simpler.

The best contenders realize the dictionary-based attacks with password transformation. In case the register of characters was changed or any symbol omitted or transposition of adjacent characters took place this all will be taken care of and all combinations will be checked during the transformation procedure. Some software developers intentionally accentuate such features of their products by giving them high-sounding names. For example, Advanced Dictionary Manager.

The mask attack pursues some of its own objectives. One of its features is mask creation convenience. Mask attack – a variation of brute force attack checking only those passwords that meet the specified parameters – mask. That’s where an Excel password remover would need a convenient, preferably visual, tool for specifying a mask – the one that would help set possible parameters for each position in the password to be generated. No doubt software developers are very well aware of this problem and do offer their solutions. One example is Advanced Mask Composer.

And finally, the most important for users, the primary criterion – speed performance while working with hard-to-crack passwords. The working speed determines how soon the actual result – recovered password – will be obtained.


How to recall Word Password Unlocker Software

Do you know that Microsoft Office 2013 is definitely available? If you want to enjoy the new features of this productivity suite, simply view the Microsoft official website and get a 60-day trial of the then-new Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft website. And in this article, we will show you how to perform Word 2013 password recovery.

To get started, you need to find a great Word password recovery tool. Windows Password Unlocker is highly suggested here. It allows you to recover Word password faster than ever. As an efficient Word password recovery tool, Windows Password Unlocker can retrieve forgotten MS Word password through Brute-force attack, Brute-attack with Mask attack and Dictionary attack effectively. All Office word versions are supported (Word 2013 will be supported soon). So it?¡¥s helpful when you really need to recover Office 2010 password.
Key top features of Word Password Unlocker

* Support MS Word 2010 password recovery
* Support GPU and multi-core CPU acceleration
* Recover faster using advanced SSE technology
* Stop and resume Word password recovery anytime
* 100% securewith no any data loss or damage
* Simple to operate for everyone, only a few clicks required

Steps to retrieve Word 2013 password

* Step 1. Upload Word Password Unlocker in your computer, and then launch it.
* Step 2. Click on the Word Password Recovery to add the Word file you want to recover password from.
* Step 3. Select one of the attack types and make the necessary settings: Brute-force, Brute-force with Mask, or Dictionary attack.
Tip: It’s highly to use Brute-force with Mask attack if you still memorize the password length or others.
* Step 4. Click the Start button to begin Word password cracking.
Note: As for the cracking time, it all depends on the strength of your respective password, computer performance, etc.
recover word password

Cost-effective Bunlde Option

Passsword Unlocker Bundle is a great option for you If you have the habit to password protect everything important, like encrypting your important PDF files, RAR files, setting Windows login password, etc. With Password Unlocker Bundle, you can reset or recover passwords for more than 60 file types like Windows OS, MS SQL Severs, RAR/ PDF/Word/Excel/PPT files, etc.

It?¡¥s helpful when you forgot Windows 7 password, forgot SQL Server SA password, or cannot remember the password to open your Office/RAR/PDF files. And it cost s only a little money. This pack is designed for everyone, no matter what the level of your computing level is. Resetting or recovering the password only requires a few simple clicks. 100% security is guaranteed.


The way to Remove Restrictions from PDF Files

Part 1: How to remove restrictions from my locked PDF file?

I have encrypted my important PDF document in order that no-one can modify it or print it without the owner password long ago. Now I want to print it but I’m not really able to remember the password. Will there be any PDF restriction remover software to unlock my PDF file and print it?

The most beneficial fix for your problem is to simply remove restrictions of your PDF file by taking advantage of PDF Password Remover.

PDF files protected with owner passwords may prevent you from editing, copying, printing PDF files. PDF Password Remover is professionally made to decrypt PDF files with owner passwords and get rid of PDF restrictions on editing, copying, printing and more directly. It supports PDF files protected with Acrobat 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 9.0, X using various encryption methods (RC4, AES).

PDF Password Remover comes along with GUI interface. It allows you to remove PDF restrictions within 2 clicks. In addition important, that will just run you a short time.

PDF Password Recover

Here’s the how-to:

  • Step 1: Download and install PDF Password Remover.
  • Step 2: Import the target PDF files by clicking the Add button.
  • Step 3: Remove restrictions from PDF files by clicking the Start button.

The PDF restrictions will be removed in a few seconds. Then you can open the decrypted PDF files in any PDF viewer without any restrictions and edit, copy or print them as you like.

Part 2: What to do if there’s an open password set on the PDF file?

You could know that you can also set a user password on a PDF file apart from owner password. PDF user password, often known as open password, restricts you of opening PDF files. How to proceed if your PDF files also come with open passwords? How to proceed if you need to remove PDF open password?

Take it easy! PDF Password Remover also works for those cases as long as you have the correct password.

Here’s the how-to:

  • Step 1. Download and install PDF Password Remover.
  • Step 2. Import the target PDF files by clicking the Add button.
  • Step 3. Type the correct open password when a dialog box pops up for it.
  • Step 4. Click Start button to remove restrictions from PDF.

The PDF open password and owner password, along with restrictions on editing, copying, and printing will be removed in a few seconds.

Additional Knowledge

If you forgot PDF open password, you cannot remove it just like removing PDF owner password and restrictions. Instead, you have no choice but try to recover the PDF open password using a great password recovery tool.

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A Powerful Youtube to Movie Converter for Mac

A Powerful Youtube in order to MOV Ripping tools with regard to MacSome with the file formats employed by Facebook are not sustained by the unit so it is necessary to transform video clips downloaded through YouTube directly into Convey extendable just before taking pleasure in your chosen videos where ever you need as well as discussing them with your pals.

1. Right after download this excellent Mac pc Youtube to Convey Converter, work this inside your personal computer.

2. Right now go through the switch “Add URL” to copy the particular Link to Youtube . com video, you might add as numerous Youtube . com Web addresses as you would like regarding installing to your pc. Now HD movies from YouTube are around for down load with this Facebook in order to MOV Converter.

3. The actual Facebook video clips will begin installing immediately when you add the Facebook video clips Web addresses in to Facebook to be able to MOV Ripping tools regarding Mac. Make certain your online is connected to Youtube . com web site and also the Web addresses regarding Youtube . com video clips are usually proper. You’re able to download multiple YouTube movies all at one time in YouTube to be able to Port Converter.

4. When the YouTube movie continues to be saved efficiently, it will be transferred to “Convert” tabs. Alter the end result settings to Port structure to convert video clips together with best quality. You could change Facebook FLV movies holiday to a frequent movie platforms with regard to movie enhancing or even play back on your own mobile phones, such as iPod, apple iphone, PSP, cell phone, and so on.

Remember that the particular result file size mostly is dependent upon you determine. When you increase the risk for Youtube to Convey Conversion upon Macintosh simply by Movie ripper tools, you are able to simply click product or perhaps click on the symbol demonstrated inside picture 1 to make the edition by making use of specific characteristics for the result video via Shaping, Cropping, Movie Adjustments, subtitle and Watermark. two. You’ll be able to examine it about the primary user interface.